The Formula Podcast: Imposter Syndrome with Scotty Russell

Podcast August 29, 2018 Scotty Russell
He hails from the lush fields of Iowa and is borderline obsessed with pizza, his cats and outer space.

The Formula – No Time to Pump the Brakes & Feel Sorry for Yourself

This week we’re doing something different as I’m always looking to shake things up and bring you value.

Since my son was recently born, I took last week and this week off from the podcast. I desperately needed to recharge. More importantly, I needed to find my groove in molding myself to be a kick-ass dad and baby raising partner to my wife.

Instead of radio silence, I’m sharing an episode I was recently on for my friend Trevor Carlson’s The Formula Podcast.

This time around, you’ll hear me interviewed on topics that are a staple in what I share with you on a weekly basis.

Today, Trevor has me peel back the layers and give you the formula for:

  • Tackling imposter syndrome
  • Allocating hours to your dream
  • Dusting yourself off after dealing with the “funk”
  • Getting out of your head and getting back to work

You can watch this conversation on freaking video and check out the shownotes at


Scotty Russell

Perspective Collective

Scotty Russell creates, teaches and speaks under the name Perspective-Collective. He hails from the lush fields of Iowa and is borderline obsessed with pizza, his cats and outer space (he's believed in aliens since the age of 5). He channels his energy into helping people flex their creativity through side projects and side hustles with his weekly Perspective Podcast. Don't be afraid to reach out and connect.

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