Some Assembly Required coming soon!

Article May 23, 2018 Blake Stevenson
Takes on each project armed with healthy balance of sugary cereals and Saturday morning cartoons

Welcome! welcome! Welcome! …

My name is Blake Stevenson, I go by the artist moniker Jetpacks and Rollerskates. I know what you might be thinking. What am I doing here? Are these instructions to Ikea furniture? Why should I care? Well, hopefully I can shed some light on what exactly this thing is. 

Some Assembly Required will be a recurring segment here on TIMED EDITION. It is based off of an exercise that I been doing for years to get myself out of a creative slump. It’s a pretty simple but fun concept. I would combine random objects, mash them up and illustrate them into a scene, character or abstract thingamajig. I have modified it slightly for timed edition to allow it to be more interactive and evolve over time.

How is this going to work?

Some Assembly Required explainer cartoon - object mashup

I have generated an ever growing list of objects that I love to draw, would love to draw and a handful of completely random stuff.

  1. From that list I will select 12 things at random (which I will post on each edition of Some Assembly Required) . Then put them in a list from 1 to 12.
  2. With a 12 sided die. I will roll it to generate 3 numbers. Each one of those numbers will refer to a number on that random list. (If I roll the same number then I roll again)
  3. Now with my 3 numbers randomly selected. I will develop an illustration from the selected objects.
  4. In the spirit of Timed Edition. I will have the final art print available for sale on the site for a very limited time (1-2 weeks).


When is it happening?

This first post (this post you are reading right now) is more of a rundown on what is happening. No particular schedule has been set other than I would like to create something at least once a month. As things begin to roll out I imagine my posts will become more frequent.

This just being the first iteration of Some Assembly Required. I imagine a future with audience participation, theming and more. If you have any suggestions please feel free to ping me on twitter or instagram and I will take those into consideration.


Some process while you wait?

I apologize for not putting a proper Some Assembly Required post up. I wanted give a bit of backstory around the project and show off some process work around the Some Assembly Required logo and additional pieces I needed to build. Below you will see some of my sketches and ideas.  

Some Assembly Required logo process sketches

Here is quick video of me refining the letter forms:


Introducing Some Assembly Required.

Drum roll please… Here is the final identity for Some Assembly Required! 

Some Assembly Required title card

I hope you guys enjoy and I super excited to start releasing content under this title for my good buddies here at Timed Edition. It’s creative endeavours like this that build up communities and inspire others to flex their creative muscles. 

Stay tuned and keep creating!

Blake Stevenson

Jetpacks and Rollerskates

Blake Stevenson is the guy behind Jetpacks and Rollerskates and creator of such weekly web comics as CNET's Low Latency and Domestic Yeti and Friends. A pop culture addicted Designer/Illustrator from southern Ontario, Canada, he takes on each project armed with healthy balance of sugary cereals and Saturday morning cartoons.

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