SAR 2.2 – Process Drawing – Submarine, Raven and Butterfly?

Article August 24, 2018 Blake Stevenson
Takes on each project armed with healthy balance of sugary cereals and Saturday morning cartoons

The next process video based on a Some Assembly Required piece I did “Submarine, Raven and Butterfly?

TL:DR on Some Assembly Required:  A creative exercise where 3 objects/ideas are selected at random, mashed up and illustrated into a final art piece. In this case Submarine, Raven and Butterfly and they were selected by the fine folks over on the Master of One Podcast. A big shout out to them.

I wanted to give you guys a bit more insight into how my illustration process went for this project by making a speed drawing video.

Process Talk?

My mind was made up very early on the layout and execution of this piece. The only things that I was not confident with was drawing everything else; Ravens, Butterflies and Submarines. Because of this you’ll notice, in the video, I bring in and reference a number of objects to help me define the shapes.

Something that I noticed in the video as well is home many times I go over and refine the objects. Something I have learned throughout is that you’re first take is never the one you go with. It’s kind of like whittling, you first rough out a shape, then define a few key pieces, begin to add some additional character and then refine. It may take one pass or it may take a dozen. The iPad has help me speed this process up.

If you have any questions or about my process, hit me up on the various social accounts in my profile below or just comment directly in the youtube video.  Thanks as usual for checking out my work.


What’s Next?

The next random objects will chosen on an upcoming episode of the Master of One podcast. So stay tuned another Some Assembly Post will be coming soon!

Blake Stevenson

Jetpacks and Rollerskates

Blake Stevenson is the guy behind Jetpacks and Rollerskates and creator of such weekly web comics as CNET's Low Latency and Domestic Yeti and Friends. A pop culture addicted Designer/Illustrator from southern Ontario, Canada, he takes on each project armed with healthy balance of sugary cereals and Saturday morning cartoons.

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