SAR 01.1: Rainbows, Light Bulbs and Sludge?

Article June 4, 2018 Blake Stevenson
Takes on each project armed with healthy balance of sugary cereals and Saturday morning cartoons

The first installment in my series Some Assembly Required. A creative exercise with a fun spin on it. Scroll down to see the piece and read up on the process.

Some Assembly Required 01 - Rainbow, Lightbulb, and Sludge

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How it works:
I randomly select 12 objects (from a ever growing master list). From that group of 12, I roll a die (12 sided) to narrow it down to 3 objects. I develop an original art piece/illustration mashing up those pieces. For more information see my post explaining what Some Assembly Required is.

Here are the 12 objects selected. The bolded ones were narrowed down by the die.

  1. Rainbow
  2. Knife
  3. Butterfly
  4. Snot
  5. Raven
  6. Hedgehog
  7. Lightbulb
  8. Bottle
  9. Submarine
  10. blanket
  11. Sludge
  12. Candy

Where my head was at:
When I first saw the 3 objects come up, I was thinking rainbows and light bulbs are really fun to draw but how they heck to loop in something as general as sludge? I had recently been looking at a bunch of heavy pen and ink illustrations. Every time I would look at them, I’d ask myself “what would these look like like with a really simple spot of colour?” Then I realized this might be a great moment to try out a technique like that. Instead of spot colours in the actual illustration I did more of an geometric overlay  style. This would allow me to direct the viewers eye throughout the illustration with pops of colour.

What’s Next:
Stay tuned for Some Assembly Required 01.2 for a process video so you can see step by step how I built this illustration.

Blake Stevenson

Jetpacks and Rollerskates

Blake Stevenson is the guy behind Jetpacks and Rollerskates and creator of such weekly web comics as CNET's Low Latency and Domestic Yeti and Friends. A pop culture addicted Designer/Illustrator from southern Ontario, Canada, he takes on each project armed with healthy balance of sugary cereals and Saturday morning cartoons.

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