PP 092: Attracting Work with Andreas Pedersen of @AndyCloned

Podcast September 5, 2018 Scotty Russell
He hails from the lush fields of Iowa and is borderline obsessed with pizza, his cats and outer space.

Active Brain, Inactive Body

If you’re like me, it’s hard to turn off the switch and unplug from your creative realm. There’s always one more thing that you could get done or a new idea that needs to be flushed out.

We get so wrapped up in work that we often neglect other important areas of our life…you know, like our health and well being?

As you know, many creatives live a sedentary lifestyle. Busting your ass is great, but if you want a long successful career and life, taking care of yourself should come first.

When you get away from your work and find an active outlet, you never know what new passion you may find. Even better, your new passion for your health may show up in your work, which could inspire others to focus on their health.

Attracting Work & Finding Outlets with Andreas Pedersen of @AndyCloned Andreas Pedersen @AndyCloned Glitch Head Attracting Work & Finding Outlets with Andreas Pedersen of @AndyCloned

Challenge Your Body, Challenge Your Mind with Andreas Pedersen

Queue today’s guest, Andreas Pedersen AKA @andycloned on Instagram. He’s an avid runner and a graphic wizard out of Sweden who focuses on branding, illustrations, and lettering.

Andy and I go back a few years now through Instagram, and it’s been great watching his style evolve and audience grow.

There’s two things that I really admire about his personality and craft:

  1. I strongly vibe to his mission of helping other creatives become more active and share their progress creatively.
  2. I highly respect his approach to marketing himself and letting the universe know he’s for hire.

In this episode, we sprint through topics like:

  • Not stopping when the work stops
  • Campaigning for his project, the Makers Athletic Society
  • Experimenting and evolving your style
  • Creating personal work to attract jobs
  • Pizza, typefaces, creative outlets, and more…

I think he’s the perfect fit for our listeners and has a ton of great insight to offer to help you scale your creative pursuits.


Scotty Russell

Perspective Collective

Scotty Russell creates, teaches and speaks under the name Perspective-Collective. He hails from the lush fields of Iowa and is borderline obsessed with pizza, his cats and outer space (he's believed in aliens since the age of 5). He channels his energy into helping people flex their creativity through side projects and side hustles with his weekly Perspective Podcast. Don't be afraid to reach out and connect.

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