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Article September 20, 2018 Andrew Sale
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It's been forty years since Jamie Lee Curtis confronted the iconic psychopath that the world has come to know as Michael Myers. The world has changed a lot since then, but one thing remains the same: People's love of horror films.


Austin, TX | Alamo Drafthouse (South Lamar) | Fantastic Fest 2018

As the proverbial curtain rises we are greeted with the sights and sounds of a mental institution. Quickly we are brought up to speed to realize that this is the facility that Michael has called home ever since the escapades of 40 years earlier. Cut-to our first sight of Lori (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her home that has been long-outfitted to be a personal fortress. We see a woman who is still struggling to cope with what happened to her as a teen. Her tortured soul plays into her failed marriages and continues to cause a strain in her relationship with her daughter Karen (Judy Greer) and grand daughter Allyson (Andi Matichak).  *This female generational trilogy ends up being a key component in the story.

Through the course of what can only be described as either very bad luck—though, more likely it has to do with the reoccurring theme of ‘fate’ found in the series—Michael gets loose, reclaims his  iconic mask and jumpsuit, and makes his way to complete some unfinished business with Lori.

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The film rides the line of ‘boldly modern’ and ‘overt camp’ masterfully, as the cast executes the script (written by David Green, Jeff Fradley, and Danny McBride). There is certainly the expected violence that comes with this kind of film, but the happy surprise that comes from the comedic influence of McBride. There are several times in the film that elicit laughter, and you can almost hear McBride reciting these lines, as his voice is so clear in the dialogue.

As the film unfolds you begin to see a unique shift in the dynamics between Michael and Lori. There are, in fact, a couple of easter egg scenes that fans of the original film will catch right away, that show signs that Lori has in fact become more like her terrorizer as the years have passed and she has become hardened.

Says Curtis,

“One of the things that drew me to this film was that it was an exploration into the life in the aftermath of such an horrific event. The reality that this girl is forever changed on Oct. 31st but then gets bandaged up and goes back to school on Nov. 1st—without any help or support—and the life that ultimately produces.”

The film culminates in an expected showdown, in truly epic “Clash of the Titans” fashion. Which causes the three women to pull together to reclaim their power and their lives.

It was an utter blast and is a great addition to the franchise (especially when you consider that it all but replaces every film after Halloween II). It hits theaters just in time for it’s namesake holiday on Oct. 19th, and you will not want to miss it!

The acclaimed cult film festival—Fantastic Fest—kicks off it’s 8-Day long journey into the world of cinema with the official world premiere of the next chapter in the Michael Myers saga. Various cast (Jamie Lee Curtis, Andi Matichak) and production staff (Jason Blum, Danny McBride) were at the premiere, where the film was met with love and affection.

© Fantastic Fest (Photo Credit: Jack Plunkett)

© Fantastic Fest (Photo Credit: Jack Plunkett)

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