Interview with Mondo Creative Directors Eric Garza and Rob Jones

Podcast June 21, 2018 Mof1 Podcast
The latest in creative pop culture is only one mouth breather away.

Mondo just keeps giving me reasons to like them more. A company that thinks like a collector, Mondo pioneered the limited edition art movie poster and has rapidly expanded into music, games and collectibles. This week we’re fortunate to be joined by Creative Director Eric Garza and Co-Founder / Creative Director Rob Jones. With SDCC right around the corner, we talk Mondo’s partnership to produce the event souvenir book. Compliments for all things Matt Taylor (aka anti-Rob) abound. We also discuss MondoCon’s absence in 2018 and take an extended dive into the recent film Hereditary and the artwork by Randy Ortiz. Just keep being you, Mondo.

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