Don’t Lose the Love of Why You Started with Brian Steely

Interview May 23, 2018 Scotty Russell
He hails from the lush fields of Iowa and is borderline obsessed with pizza, his cats and outer space.

Play, Fuck Up & Experiment

I pursue this podcast because I love it.

I pursue drawing and creating because I love it.

Being a creative, you got into this whole mess because you tried it, you loved it and you figured it out along the way. Sometimes along the way you forget why you loved it and you can steer of course for a season or even a few years.

I’ve been there as it’s also easy to get wrapped up in the validation of creating for others on social media instead of creating what you’re vibing too. When you give yourself permission to play, fuck up and experiment, amazing things can happen.

Brian Steely: Big Work, Chill Dude

Queue today’s guest, Brian Steely of Steely Works. Brian is the most chill, down to earth rock stars in the creative game right now. He’s done work for big brands like Element, Toyota, Nike and big bands like Phish, Mumford & son and My Morning Jacket to name a few. However, he’s not too proud to throw down with your average Joe brand looking to make a splash.

He’s made a name for himself with his monoline badge work that’s take the internet by storm.

In this episode, we cover topics of:

  • His illustration and branding process
  • Not losing the love of why you do what you do
  • Building others up over viewing the world as competition
  • Having some grit and sticking it out
  • And so much more

He’s a rad dude, a great friend and he drops a goldmine of takeaways that light a much needed fire under your ass.

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Scotty Russell

Perspective Collective

Scotty Russell creates, teaches and speaks under the name Perspective-Collective. He hails from the lush fields of Iowa and is borderline obsessed with pizza, his cats and outer space (he's believed in aliens since the age of 5). He channels his energy into helping people flex their creativity through side projects and side hustles with his weekly Perspective Podcast. Don't be afraid to reach out and connect.

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